NEW! SMS and Text Alerts! 

You pick the alerts you want on the accounts you want!

  • Daily Summary (for any or all accounts)
  • Deposit Alerts
  • Overdraft Alerts
  • Balance Changed
  • Balance Below

Know when you get that deposit you’ve been waiting for! 

How to Sign Up for Alerts:

Step One:

Open TCCU Mobile Banking App

Step Two:

Tap on the Menu

Step Three:

Tap on SMS and register your cell phone number & follow the prompts

Step Four:

Tap on Alerts in the menu.

Set up the alerts you want to receive!

SMS Text Banking

Get your balances and other information without logging in to Mobile Banking.

Just type the appropriate command in the body of a text message and send it to the number provided once you register your phone. To use SMS text banking, you must log in to Mobile Banking first to register your cell phone number. After registering your cell phone, you will receive a list of available commands. If at any time you forget the commands, text "help" and a full list of options will be emailed to you.  

Banking Access Wherever You Go

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android OS phones or Tablets
  • Facial recognition and Thumbprint ID Login
  • View your balances
  • Mobile check deposit*
  • transfer between your accounts.
  • See check images
  • See pending transactions
  • Mobile BillPay 
  • Stop Payments
  • SMS and Text Alerts
  • Visa Debit Card Manager
  • Mastercard Credit Card access
  • Search for Torrance CCU Mobile Banking in the Apple App Store or Google Play! 

Create your own username and password according to the following guidelines:


Must Be at least 4 characters in length
Must contain at least one letter
Cannot contain member account number
May contain these Special Characters: @ _ . - +


Must be at least 6 characters in length
Contain at least one letter and one non-letter.
Must NOT contain user name or account number


How do I register to use the new app?

  • First, make sure your email address on file with the Credit Union is correct. You can check your email address on file in HomeBanking or by calling the Credit Union.
  • Download the new App to your mobile device, tap to open the App.
  • Tap "Register" to get started. You will need your Member Number and your Social Security Number and the Last Name* on your account. 
  • An Authorization Code will be emailed to you. Enter this code in the designated field.
  • A one-time PIN will be emailed to - please check your junk or spam folder. 
  • Now you have access to all the Mobile Banking Features!

NOTE: *Last Name on Business Accounts and Trust Accounts will be what is listed as "Last Name" on the account. For example, "Smith Family Trust" or "Smith Hauling"

*Mobile Check Deposit Information - Please endorse your mobile deposit checks with the following information:

  • Sign your name
  • Write "For TCCU Mobile Deposit Only"
  • Include your account number and suffix
  • Keep the check till you are sure the check has been deposited
  • Write "Scanned" on your check after you receive a deposit confirmation email

Please call us if you have any questions (310) 618-9111. 

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