Twelve to Seventeen-year-olds

For students 12 and older, TCCU has a beneficial program to teach teens about the world of finance. Get info on a variety of financial topics including budgeting, getting a job, buying your first car, and college. Read articles written by and for teens.

Features of our teen financial program include:

  • Savings account with $5 deposit requirement
  • Teen's and Kid's CDs with lower minimum deposits
  • Quarterly statements
  • Newsletters
  • Claim Your Youth Website Access

Joining is free. A minimum $5 deposit is required to open a new youth account. And anyone who joins Claim Your Youth can remain a member of the Credit Union for life, no matter where they live or work (as long as they maintain membership in good standing).

Help your children take their first step toward financial independence and responsibility. Call the Credit Union today to open a teen account for your child, and assure their financial well being tomorrow.

Click here to Access Claim Your Youth Online

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