Current Systems Status

This page displays most current status of various TCCU online and electronic systems. If there is a service disruption, you can check here for an estimated time when service should resume if available. Should there be a disruption of service at the credit union, here you will find information and instructions.

Please use the secure Feedback Form to report any error not listed here.

Below is a list of current systems and working status.

HomeBanking and Mobile Banking

RESOLVED  3/03/2020 - TCCU Accounts are now connecting with Intuit software and app programs including Quicken and Mint. Please contact the Credit Union if you are still unable to connect your programs. Nancy Whitehead-Smith (310) 618-9111 ext 38.  

NEW: 5/08/19 - The Mobile Banking app has an update available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The update includes options for manual and automatic image capture for remote deposits. The update also includes a reminder of the mandatory requirement to endorse checks deposited with remote deposit with "For TCCU Mobile Deposit Only."

NEW: 5/01/19 - HomeBanking login panel on the TCCU website is temporarily unavailable. 

RESOLVED 5/01/19 10:39 a.m. - HomeBanking  login panel on the website is functioning normally.


RESOLVED 5/26/17 - Some members are not receiving their Authorization Codes by email. Please select the Text option when authorizing your device for HomeBanking. No ETA on resolution yet.

RESOLVED 5/12/17 (4:15 pm)- HomeBanking and Mobile Banking are temporarily unavailable. IT is working to resolve the issue.

RESOLVED 12/08/16
- HomeBanking and Mobile Banking are currently experiencing intermittent technical problems. IT is working to resolve the issues as soon a possible.  

RESOLVED 9/23/16 - Intuit products such as Quicken and Mint are now connecting normally in HomeBanking. 

NEW 2/29/16 - New server address is not updated at Intuit for those using Quicken. We are currently working to resolve this issue. No ETA on resolution. 

***You may import your transactions into quicken. Here are the steps: 1) export your transactions from HomeBanking into an Excel file. 2) Save as CSV. Comma delimited. Save it anywhere you like. I prefer the desktop to make it easy to find.  3) From your Quicken account, click import, then browse. Find the file you saved as CSV then follow the prompts. 

RESOLVED 11/03/15 - E Statements are now opening correctly. 

NEW 11/03/15 - E Statements are not opening correctly. IT is working to resolve the issue. 

NEW 09/21/15 -
iPhone - With iPhone iOS 9 update, TCCU Mobile Banking App requires an update. No ETA on App update yet.  iPhone Mobile Banking Users are encouraged to use Safari to navigate to the website HomeBanking login screen.

08/20/15 (9:00 a.m. PT) RESOLVED 08/21/15 - HomeBanking and Mobile Banking are currently offline. IT is working to resolve the issue. Updates will be posted when available.

04/10/15 - RESOLVED 04/21/15 - DeposZip Updates are available for both Droid and iPhone Apps. 

Currently, the Samsung S5 is not compatible with TCCU Mobile Banking. Actually, the Mobile Banking App is not compatible with the S5. However, an updated App is in line for production in Google Play. Please be patient, while we await the launch. 

Mastercard EZCard Info

NEW! 08/24/19  - Mastercard EZCard Info (Online Account Management Access)  is now integrated in HomeBanking! Click your Mastercard account or on the Mastercard icon. 

BillPay PLUS

NEW 7/16/18 - BillPay Plus is upgraded to OneClick. BillPay is also available in the Mobile App.

Money Desktop

RESOLVED NEW - 6/24/13 - New Version for MD is updating. Access will be limited for 72 hours. 
Preferred Browsers - Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome


03/25/19 - Tele Teller is Functioning normally.


6/26/13 - All functioning normally



NEW 4/01/19 - As we prepare to upgrade to the new website, some settings are causing the home page banner to display incorrectly on mobile devices. This does not affect HomeBanking functionality. We appreciate your patience as we move toward the new upgrade.


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