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Individual Retirement Accounts

TCCU offers three different types of Individual Retirement Accounts: Traditional, Roth and Coverdell Education Savings.

  • A Traditional IRA offers tax-deferred earnings and the possibility of tax-deductible* contributions.
  • A Roth IRA is funded by non-deductible contributions but gives owners the opportunity for tax-free* withdrawals.
  • A Coverdell Education Savings Account enables parents and others to deposit $2,000 per year to be used for educational purposes. Earnings grow tax-free* if you meet the income requirements.

Start planning for your retirement today by opening an IRA account at Torrance Community Credit Union. An IRA account is an important part of your long-term savings portfolio. For traditional and Roth IRAs there is a new contribution limit of $3,000.00 and for members over 50, there is a catch-up contribution of $500.00.

*Please consult with a tax professional regarding your personal financial situation.

Money Market Accounts

 A Money Market Account is a highly liquid, secure investment, which pays dividend rates that are adjusted with changes in market conditions. This secure investment offers higher rates, with no annual fee. The minimum deposit required for a Money Market Account is $2,500. 


 If you do not need immediate access to your funds and want to invest for longer periods to obtain higher rates of return, then Certificates of Deposits are the route to go. The minimum deposit required for a CD is $1,000.

Please note Penalty for closing CDs prior to maturity:  less than 1 year - penalty of 180 days of dividends and CD’s over one year 365 days of dividends. Please see About Your Account for more information.