TCCU Beats Your Rate by 2.00% APR* with a floor of 3.00%

If you have a car loan elsewhere, bring it to TCCU for a better deal.

  • Complete an Application
  • Call a TCCU Loan Officer for an appointment.
  • Bring your last car loan bill and the Sales Contract
  • Bring your last 2 paycheck stubs
  • Qualifying loans can save even more than 2%!

Download Loan Rate Sheet

Call 310-618-9111 Option 1.  

Beat Your Rate Auto Loan
Loan Amount25,000

Your Rate

5% APR
  Over 60 Months Paid in interest  $3,308.03
TCCU Rate 3% Over 60 Months Paid in interest  $1,951.02
                             Total Savings $1,357.01

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