Do I need to register? 

Yes. New users will need to register to use the new app.

Can I use the same Username and Password I use in HomeBanking?

Yes, but you still need to register in the new app. Create your own username and password according to the following guidelines:


Must Be at least 4 characters in length
Must contain at least one letter
Cannot contain member account number
May contain the following Special Characters: @ _ . - +


Must be at least 6 characters in length
Contain at least one letter and one non-letter.
Must NOT contain user name or account number

Note: You will no longer need a Secret Code.

How do I register to use the new app?

  • First, make sure your email address on file with the Credit Union is correct. You can check your email address on file in HomeBanking or by calling the Credit Union.
  • Download the new App to your mobile device, tap to open the App.
  • Tap "Register" to get started. You will need your Member Number and your Social Security Number and the Last Name* on your account. 
  • An Authorization Code will be emailed to you. Enter this code in the designated field.
  • Now you have access to all the Mobile Banking Features!

NOTE: *Last Name on Business Accounts and Trust Accounts will be what is listed as "Last Name" on the account. For example, "Smith Family Trust" or "Smith Hauling"

Do I need an Access Code?

Yes. You will be required to enter a one-time Access Code and a one-time PIN upon registering your device.

Please call us if you have any questions (310) 618-9111. 

Using Your Thumbprint to Login

1. Make sure you have enabled and set up the Thumbprint setting on your device. 

2. Open "Settings" and enable "Touch ID Authentication"

 Mobile Deposit Information

Please endorse your mobile deposit checks with the following information:

  • Sign your name
  • Write "For TCCU Remote Deposit Only"
  • Include your account number and suffix
  • Keep the check till you are sure the check has been deposited
  • Write "Scanned" on your check after you receive a deposit confirmation email

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