EMV ScoreCard Credit Card  

Double Bonus Points Time!

November 28 through December 28, 2019

Every regular purchase you make during the Bonus Points Promotion period gets you twice the points! Use your TCCU ScoreCard for all your regular shopping and for Black Friday shopping for great savings now, and great points to use later on travel, merchandise, experiences, electronics and more!

*When you upgrade to ScoreCard, you will receive a new card with a new card number. You new card must be activated befroe use. Make sure to update your atuomatic payent to the new card number.*

Because More Points are Better! Log in to HomeBanking, click on your Mastercard Account then View Rewards. There you will find everything you can purchase with your points. At the bottom of the page you will find SCORE MORE where you can get even more points! Activate bonus points for all the merchandise, restaurants or services you like and just for using your ScoreCard during the bonus point time-period, you can get 2x, 3x or even 4x the points!

Now don't you feel a little more prepared for the holidays? Please call the Credit Union if you have any questions about your ScoreCard or any of the other TCCU products or services. (310) 618-9111.

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ScoreCard© by Mastercard©

Travel and Merchandise Rewards Card

 8.9% to 18% APR*

3.90% 6-month APR* introductory Rate

  • Limits from $500 to $25,000

  • No Annual Fee

  • No Balance Transfer Fees!

  • No Variable Rates

Download a TCCU Mastercard Credit Card Application 

Download Mastercard Rate Sheet

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate based on credit score and annual household income. 

 Use Your Mobile Wallet 

Apple Pay Logo            

Get Apple Pay App

Open the wallet feature on your iPhone and tap the + on the top right corner then follow the instructions. Take a picture of your card then verify the card number. After adding your card, activate by phone by answering a few security questions. 

For Apple Pay Support: 1 (844) 483-2545


Get the Samsung Pay App!

Open the App, tap "add a card" and take a picture of your Mastercard or ScoreCard. Call the number displayed to verify your card and you're ready to use your Samsung Pay.

 For Samsung Support: 1 (800) 726-7864

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