Notice For Remote Deposit Users:

New federal regulations require that all checks deposited electronically from a computer or mobile device must include the words Mobile Deposit or they will not be processed. To avoid delays in your remote deposits, please make sure to include these words on the back of your checks before scanning. 

Please call the Credit Union if you have any questions regarding this regulation (310) 618-9111.

Torrance CCU Remote Deposit Capture Services Disclosure and Agreement

New Tools in HomeBanking!

- Debit Card Controls. Turn your card on or off in HomeBanking without calling the Credit Union!

- Pending Transaction e-alerts - Add a text or email message for any pending transactions

- Loan Application Status  - See the status of your loan application 

HomeBanking Gets You Connected

Check your balances, verify your deposits, view and print your cleared checks, and set up more online services like e-statements,  CU@Home and CU@Phone (Remote Deposit), BillPay and more. 
HomeBanking Instructions


 See how easy BillPay Really is! 


Mobile Banking

Use Your iPhone and iPad, or Droid OS Mobile Device

View your balances, deposit your checks, transfer between accounts.

Download our Mobile Banking APP from the Apple App Store or Google Play!  


Text Banking

go to Get

If you can text you can manage your accounts from your cell phone! Receive your loan due date, minimum due, account history, or transfer between your TCCU accounts securely.

Click on the banner for more information and to set up account access with Text Banking.

A note regarding TCCU Accounts and Text Banking: to access specific accounts, the Suffix code requires an "L" for Loan or "S" for share account. Can be upper or lower case. For example, to get the History on your Primary Share Account, you will text hist 00S.

More Text Banking Command examples:
Balance for checking account - Bal 10S 
Balance, Min payment, and Due Date for Mortgage loan - loan 30L

*Mastercard is not yet available for text Banking through this service.


Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

To set up Direct Deposit you will need:
TCCU's Routing Number: 322283152
For Deposit to your Savings, Your Member Number. Example: 12345
For Deposit to your Checking, include the Suffix. 1234510
Ask your employer for their Direct Deposit form.

Eliminate standing in long lines to deposit your paycheck. With direct deposit you can deposit your entire paycheck, Social Security check or other recurring check automatically to your TCCU account on payday. You may even take a portion of your paycheck and have it automatically deposited to your share or share draft account. Payroll deduction is the most convenient method of making loan payments and in many cases, you can get .25 basis point discount off your qualifying rate!

CU Service Centers

Traveling or relocating? TCCU is part of the Credit Union Service Center Network, which means you can access your money all across America and internationally. Deposits, withdrawals, transfers and MasterCard/Visa cash advances are just a few options available at CU Service Centers.


Save a tree! Get your monthly statement safely and conveniently with e-statements. You'll receive an e-mail notification when your statement is ready for viewing in HomeBanking. It's just like your regular statement, only it comes in electronic form (PDF). And with easy access to archived statements you'll never have to hunt for your paper statements again. Sign in to HomeBanking, click the e-statements tab and sign up today!


Receive custom finance notifications on your cell phone or in your email!
Know when a deposit comes in, a debit goes out, what your daily balance is and more! Sign up in HomeBanking today!